About me

Hi, I'm a 30 something mum of a four year old boy who is full of fun, loves making people laugh and is very energetic!
My husband is a cycling, running and camping enthusiast.
I work part-time as a nurse and for the last ten years have been suffering from ME-CFS. A condition which causes fatigue as well as a whole host of physical and neurological symptoms.
I have recovered to the point where most of the time I function at a fairly high level and manage to pace myself well but I have my bad days and the occasional relapse, which at it's worst can leave me housebound or bed bound.
However I'm a positive person and enjoy life. My hobbies include art house films, music, vintage everything! travelling, reading, knitting, health and beauty as well as also enjoying the outdoors and the occasional night out...
If you like what you see on my blog then please follow me and I would love to hear your comments on anything I've written.

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