Monday, 14 April 2014

my weekend

My in laws hired a cottage for the week down in High Newton in Northumberland; a little part of the world that I hadn't really explored before. We only stayed the night but my little boy is having a few more days down there with his cousins before I collect him again on Tuesday. Its only an hour and a half down the road from us so hopefully we will be able to check it out again in the summer. I didn't take a lot of photos as we weren't there long but here's some snaps I did take.


  1. Peacocks are beautiful! We used to have a caravan when I was a child and there were peacocks on the site and I loved looking at their feathers! Your little boy looks so cute and like he is having a lot of fun down the beach!

  2. Thanks Hayley. He's very sweet but then I'm a bit biased ;) he had lots of fun and was great to have the peacocks around. X