Friday, 5 July 2013

Taking control

For a few days my mood started to dip again. I think it was due to feeling so run down with fatigue and headaches caused by sinusitis and hayfever and these recurrent mouth ulcers I've been having for the last six months. What was annoying was that I've been very disciplined the last week; going to bed early, eating well, no alcohol and pacing better so it was rather frustrating. Then I decided yesterday that only me could get myself out of that negative head space and so I've been incorporating mindfulness into my day when I can. Leading on from the ten ways to make yourself happy in my last post, I've also been more considerate towards others; letting other people in front of me when I'm getting on the bus, letting cars out at junctions (which I tended to do anyway but sometimes was so distracted by my own feelings that I forgot). I have to say that it feels good and has helped to shift my thoughts into a more positive frame of mind. I realised the last few days, I was being quite self-pitying. I came across a post on another blog which really helped put things into perspective:

The author talks about coming to terms with living with me/cfs and how although the condition has no cure (yet!)  the control lies with the individual i.e. if you're not looking after yourself then you are only going to feel worse. I believe it's really important to nurture both your physical and mental health as they are interconnected.

Funnily enough today has been a much better day....

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