Thursday, 22 August 2013

Relaxation and a little bit of exercise

Well I had my appointment with the ME consultant who was very understanding and confirmed that yes my symptoms have been caused by ME for the last ten years. He's doing some checks for auto-immune diseases and I have a follow up appointment in October when I may be referred to the ME clinic, which consists of emotional support (CBT) and help with encouraging my body to do a bit more (graded activity). These two approaches are pretty controversial but I'm willing to give it a bash considering that my health has been a bit better and I would really like to start incorporating some exercise into my week.

We had another camping trip at the weekend. This time over to the west coast, just north of Stranraer. Not a part of the country I'm familiar with but it was very pretty and good fun. Campfires, marshmallow toasting, gentle walking and lots of reading; very relaxing! I'm not sure why but I do tend to relapse with the dreaded sugary and unhealthy snacks when I'm away so back on the wagon again today!


  1. Lovely to have found your blog, I'll be following how you tackle ME too x

  2. @mummytotheCs Thank you! It's all a balancing act, as you will know! x

  3. Very interested to see how your new approach works for you! Good luck! (I've signed up to receive your blog by email so that I don't miss anything!)
    Jo x