Saturday, 2 November 2013

Winter Warmers

So with winter coming, I'm back to knitting and hoping to do a few mini knits for xmas presents. I really love these mug hugs. Probably completely impractical but I think they are quite sweet and keep your cuppa warm, always a bonus when you have kids and are constantly interrupted, returning ten minutes later to a cup of cold tea..  Its a cable stitch which I enjoy doing, I like a bit of a challenge! I had a stressful moment last week though when I found that my little boy had pulled the stitches off the needles....luckily I managed to salvage it - phew! I'm never very good with dropped stitches or mistakes in patterns so it was close to being a disaster! I'm feeling quite pleased with myself for rectifying it. This is what I'm attempting to make and underneath the progress so far.

Given that the temperature has dropped, I've packed away all my summer clothes but there are a few other things that need to be organised for winter. I follow a very good thrifty blog that gives some tips for preparing for winter; A Thrifty Mrs Winter Checklist It gives a lot of practical advice for round the home. However ME/CFS sufferers need to ensure that they pace properly and I tend to start thinking of xmas planning round about now so I don't get overwhelmed in December. A few people have recommended this website; Organised Christmas Countdown I'm going to check it out. Anyway I hope you are keeping warm and I would love to hear about any projects that you have on the go or tips for xmas/ winter planning??

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