Sunday, 27 October 2013

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 (2D version)

                                               Image: (Ross Burlinghame)

I had actually created a page for films because I love the cinema and am partial to an arthouse flick but I went to see this with my little boy today and couldn't resist telling you about it. I bought the first film on DVD in the summer from a very quirky secondhand shop in St Andrews and it's been a favourite on a rainy day.
I suppose I was quite apprehensive about a follow up as I wondered where they could go after the first film; scientist builds a machine that makes food, it then goes out of control , he eventually manages to switch it off (or so he thinks) and proceeds to save the world from being consumed by rather large roast chickens and hamburgers. But the sequel was surprisingly quite touching, humorous and enjoyable. Since the first film, it's obvious how the world of computer graphics has progressed. The colours were very vivid and the film was fast paced and action packed. We saw it in 2D as opposed to 3D. Although I think it would be a brilliant experience in 3D,  I find my eyes can't follow the screen that well so I miss a lot of what's happening and my boy is only four so would probably find it a bit overwhelming.
The film describes an island that is now inhabited by over-sized items of food that have mutated into animals (as the machine used to make the food had not been switched off as the inventor had thought). There is a new character;  Charles Z (the inventor Flint's childhood hero) who wants Flint to battle through the menacing atmosphere of the changed environment to locate the machine and turn it off for good. But has he got an alterior motive??
If I'm honest I'm always hesitant to go to the cinema to see children's films, as I wonder if it will also offer the parents an enjoyable experience. With this film I would have to say yes, it does. The storyline works, the animation is amazing and the jokes made me chuckle. And I could hear a good few other parents chuckling too...

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