Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Teenage skin at 30 something...

It's been a problem for me since the age of 13 and still twenty years on, I'm cursed with blemish prone skin. It's linked to hormones, the fact both my parents suffered from acne and my sensitive combination skin which reacts to a lot of products. It also takes a lifetime to heal.

I have to say that now I'm a lot more comfortable in my skin generally in terms of looks, weight etc. and have learned to accept my acne (as unattractive as it is). However I still can't bear the thought of leaving the house make up free. To me that's my worst nightmare!

Over the years I've tried changes in my diet, antibiotics and various potions that chemists, GP's and alternative practitioners have given me (some of which have been pretty scary and taken layers of skin off) to no avail. The one thing that did work very well was Dianette contraceptive pill but I couldn't stay on that forever and when i came off it, my skin really flared up. It's very hard at this age trying to find products that tackle the blemishes while moisturising ageing skin...

I have found some products I really like however and do seem to make a bit of a difference although they are not a particularly preventive measure.

The Freederm range seems to be pretty effective at reducing redness and inflammation and I have just started using the overnight serum which is promising. Korres are a Greek company that I have dipped in and out of over the years. They are a little expensive though. Korres had a store in Edinburgh which unfortunately closed over the last few years so I buy online now and Liz Earle's products are a cut above but due to frugal times, I can't always afford to shop there. Always a good product to have on your birthday and Christmas list though!


  1. I bet you've already tried this, but my skin is the same and the combination (i.e. normal) pill really works. Going back on it in a month, looking forward to spot free skin!

  2. I have but the only pill that really worked for me was Dianette (which comes with a few risks when you start getting older...). I'm also keen to stay off the pill but hope going back on it works for you :)

  3. I have found your blog link through the action for M,E forum - always bitter sweet to find other bloggers blogging about life with M.E. I have terrible skin problems too, all of which started when I became ill so there has to be a link. I've finally found a cream given to me by my GP that seems to be helping although I can only take it for 4 weeks at a time. Liz Earle stuff is great but can be pricey - not tried freederm yet but might give it a go once my 4 week period is up!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts, going to follow now :)
    Hayley x


  4. Hi Hayley thanks for following :) I've had bad skin since my teens, long before ME but a lot of my ME friends complain about it too so you may well be right! You're right it is bittersweet. I've met so many lovely people with this illness that have got me through the bad times. Look forward to reading your posts too ;)