Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Charity shop chic #1

I went out to karaoke on Saturday night; maybe not the best plan given that I had been feeling a bit run down but it had been in the diary for a long time and a night out always helps to boost my mood. I have been paying for it the last few days as a result of tiredness (it was a late night and I'll admit I did have a bit of a dance!). It's also impossible to sleep past 7am with a preschooler! I was very careful with the alcohol though.
Anyway I decided to wear a dress I had picked up in a charity shop over in Stranraer when I had a weekend away in the summer. It's a Miss Selfridge dress and cost the grand total of £3.50 (a massive surprise as in Edinburgh charity shops are very pricey, for example you could pay £16 for a second hand dress from Next...)

My lovely friend won me some of these  (don't be put off by the towie-esque website!) They are fantastic and really give your hair lots of volume.


  1. You look lovely! I love charity shopping, most of my wardrobe comes from charity shops actually. Hair looks gorgeous too :)

  2. Thanks Hayley :) I don't go out that much now so I can't really justify spending lots on an outfit! it's nice to get dressed up though.