Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year, New Things

As I find shops too busy and tiring (and its impossible to browse with a four year old) I do most of my shopping all year round online and got some online bargains in the New Year sales. However I did also manage a few hours out in Edinburgh with a friend and picked up a couple of treats for myself (and my little boy).

I bought a couple of pairs of jeans; a skinny grey pair from new look at the bargain price of £8! and these bootcut jeans from Oasis which were £30, a bit more than i'd hoped to pay but they are a very nice fit. Both pairs were a 34inch length which is perfect for me. I find it can be really difficult trying to get long length jeans/trousers in the sales.

The red bird top is from Alice and You at Dorothy Perkins (around £10) and the Tall blue marl jumper was also around £10 from DP.

I also got a pair of cute little pumps for £8 for New Look.

On my venture into town yesterday, I got this cute little stag badge for a few pounds from a quirky little sweet shop just off the Royal Mile. I'm not sure if I've said before but I am obsessed with stags and have various stag related items dotted round the house, including a pair of antlers hanging in my lounge....

Although we agreed to limit our spending on each other at Christmas, I opened this gorgeous bag from my husband (another obsession of mine is Harris Tweed).

So I'm feeling pretty chuffed with my bargains and my bag. Did you manage to pick up anything in the sales?


  1. Happy New Year! The sales are great if you can go and rumage the sale rails, you got yourself some good bargains! I hope this year is kind to you and your family, all the best :) Hayley-Eszti

  2. Happy new year Hayley! Thank you :) I hope you have a good 2014 and your health improves x