Thursday, 13 March 2014

ME clinic - 4th appt and our holiday

At my fourth appointment we chatted about my diaries again, a little about sleep hygiene and I was given some gentle stretches to try which I have been trying to incorporate into my day. The therapist also suggested that I see one of her colleagues over the next few weeks to look at some pilates exercises which I'm really keen to do as I miss my yoga classes.

The following week we went on holiday to Glencoe which was a lovely relaxing week. We rented a cottage which was pretty isolated but in a beautiful setting and did some walking, touristy things and even managed to go up the cable car to do some ski-ing. I was really pleased that although I didn't do a lot, just a few small runs on the nursery slope, that it was a big achievement and I didn't really have any payback over the subsequent few days.

Here are some photos of our week before the house moving chaos began!


  1. It looks so relaxing, I hope you had a lovely time, and you could relax before the chaos ... I'm really feeling for you with that one! If you find the pilates any help, let me know, I used to do pilates when I was at dance college back when I was fit and really enjoyed it!

  2. Hi it was really lovely thanks. Will keep you posted re the Pilates :) hope you are doing ok? x