Thursday, 13 March 2014

ME clinic - 5th appt and The Big Move!

Appointment no 5 at the clinic wasn't a great success. I shouldn't have arranged to see my therapist the day before I moved house. I felt really stressed and she picked up on some issues that were quite sensitive to me that almost had me in tears. We talked about work and my caseload and my need to prove that I can keep on top of everything, again my perfectionist nature... She then went on to ask me about my career path and that hit a raw nerve, as understandably I feel like I probably would have progressed onto something more challenging if I hadn't been struck down with ME and it had obliterated all my confidence. Anyway we didn't cover much in the way of lifestyle management stuff except for her to say that she was hoping to get my exercise levels up to 1/2 hour a day five times a week! This freaked me out a bit until she explained that I could do this in 10 minute chunks which although seems daunting, it is far more realistic. I've been thinking since the appt about my work and career choice and I'm starting to feel more content again with where i am and what I'm doing. Of course extra cash and more autonomy would be nice but I enjoy my work and even after ten years I never dread going in. Its a challenging job and although a cliche, i feel like I do make a difference in some way to people's lives. Also although every day brings new challenges there is an element of routine to it which can only be a good thing for me trying to stablise at the moment. So I've managed to challenge a lot of my negative thinking and feel much more content :)

The move itself wasn't a pleasant experience and I hope to not repeat it any time soon! For some reason, I began to question the decision to stay in Edinburgh and wondered if we had done the right thing. On top of that I was trying to keep my stress levels down, feeling panicked at the amount of packing we still had to do two days before it and working out all the bank transfers and other paperwork stuff. I know I'm a perfectionist and it's my big issue but I don't delegate very well and this is why...My other half was given the job of organising the removals and although he did that, he didn't pay them, so needless to say I got a follow up phone call requesting payment. Not good and proof that I'm better off doing things myself....

When we stepped into the property my heart sank. When we were viewing, the owners had quite a bit of furniture in the lounge.Unbeknownst to us they had concealed the fact they had ripped out a fireplace and not replaced the skirting or carpet, leaving a square shaped hole in the floor... To add to that, there were pen marks on the radiators and wallpaper and the kitchen was rather grimy. Luckily my parents helped to clean and spruce it up and with our furniture in, its now looking a great deal better than it was. And I'm feeling more settled and am actually starting to love it. I have a ten minute walk to the bus stop in the mornings which means I'm starting to incorporate more exercise in and have been managing it alright. Both boys are also a lot happier in the house and are enjoying the extra space and garden.


  1. I hope you soon get settled in, and you will be able to finally relax and get some much needed rest and enjoy making your new home yours. You have a lovely view from the window!

  2. There's no such thing as perfect said...
    Thanks Hayley! It feels a bit overwhelming with the amount of work needing done but we'll get there. Just taking it in baby steps! X