Tuesday, 3 December 2013


I had been doing pretty well on the sugar and caffeine front until the last few days...

Image: ondietandhealth.com

Every month, there is a week that causes me so much emotional and physical pain. Yes it's hormones! For me, there is a definite link between ME/CFS and hormones.

Prior to getting ill, I did suffer from PMS and also believe I was generally mildly dysthymic (although I could control this most of the time with CBT) but since becoming unwell it has increased tenfold. I get really irritable, negative in my outlook, feel anxious, get acne prone skin, oily hair, and am bloated, fatigued and notice an increase in my ME symptoms. Although I'm lucky enough not to experience pain generally with my ME, my muscles become very tender. My little boy loves rough play and so when he jumps on me or even grabs me, without much force, it can be excruciating! I also had Shiatsu on Saturday for the first time and wow that hurt! The bloating also causes a bit of pain.

The anxiety I experience is tough to deal with but I feel if I can recognise what the cause is and distract myself, then I can control it (rather than it controlling me). I follow this blog which is great for giving tips on how to handle anxiety in various situations.

During this time of the month, I try not to take too much on (which often means avoiding social situations or big things at work), get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water (which helps with the bloating), try and eat as healthily as I can (although i crave sugar like mad!) and use mindfulness and CBT to challenge any negative thoughts. It's a time I really dread every month and I envy those who seem to breeze through those days.

Do you find your ME/CFS symptoms change at certain times of the month? What have you found that helps PMS?


  1. I thought it was just me! Since getting ME that time of the month has always been a nightmare. Double pain, emotions all over the shop, I´m just a mess! Nothing seems to really help though, hot baths and the odd bit of chocolate might make me feel better for a short while but on the most part I just have the put up with it :(

  2. Annoying isn't it. As if we don't have enough to contend with! I definitely have to relax the chocolate ban for those few days :)