Friday, 29 March 2013

Being grateful

Eeek it's been a while. In my defence though I've had a busy week. Other half is snowboarding in France so I've been the sole carer for my 'Little Chief' (as he's known). Its been a  lovely week but we've encountered a few disagreements, which has resulted in him crying and saying that he doesn't love me anymore and demanding his Dad comfort him. Although he soon realises this isn't possible and it all blows over again. I think the fact you can rationalise with a three year old makes a whole world of difference than the tremendous tantrums that we came up against during his second year!

Despite the busy week, I've kept up with my meditations. Today's was very powerful. The theme today: 'being grateful for what you have' and being enthusiastic about what you have now in your life and confident about the future. I usually keep a gratitude diary but here are three things I am grateful for:

  • my wonderful son who brings me a lot of joy and makes me laugh (a lot)
  • the fact I am financially secure enough to be staying in a warm house today and have food to eat
  • a supportive family who have stuck with me through the hard times my illness has put upon us. 
I have a lot to be grateful for.... 

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